written by Mike

This is currently serving as my little experiment.  The idea is to shoot a somewhat interesting photo every day.  No real rules here.  Just shoot a photo and post it.  Ill try to take a new photo every day.  I may be a bit lazy or away from a computer some days and so updates may not happen every day.

Shooting photos goes back to my days of high school,  college and early work career.  Back then I was never very far away from a camera.  I have a big stack of photos and memories from that time.  I have clippings from magazines and newspapers to show my work.  I  don’t expect this blog to be very popular  and don’t expect I’ll keep it up that long but for few weeks it should be fun.  It should also be fun to use the right side of my brain more since my day job has a tendency to use the technical left side.

If you have a suggestion for a photo or are close enough to be in a photo raise you hand.

A bit of background on why the domain MichaelHugo.com.  I grabbed MichaelHugo.com a few years back after noticing that  MikeHugo.com had already been taken.   If I ever become famous it will be nice to have this domain.  Until then it seams like a fitting domain for me to have.

If you happen to be a MichalHugo and wish to have a MichaelHugo.com or MichaelHugo.org email address let me know:  [email protected].

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