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17th April
written by Mike

I was asked by my little sister to shoot her baby boy all dressed up for Prom.   I actually shot 3 groups of folks and the link to the entire set is below.

Being a dateline Washington type of Photographer I’m  not all that good at shooting stuff that doesn’t move so I can’t say I’m all that impressed with myself with what came out.  I did get several nice shots that I’m sure are suitable for framing  but anyone who knows me knows that I’m rarely satisfied.   Then again the whole reason for this blog is to practice.

Here is a fun outtake.

Prom Night

Prom Night

Link to Full Gallery
(If you don’t have the password and want it, send me an email [email protected])

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  1. Morgan

    thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! this is from the girl in the blue, you are absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!

  2. Mike

    You are so welcome! It was fun to take.

  3. Anne

    Thanks Mike you did a great job.