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6th March
written by Mike

This was my first introduction to rugby.  Even after shooting most of a game and reading up on it on wikipedia I’m still not convinced I understand the game well enough to describe how one would play it.  It is obviously a very physical game.

I think below is one of the better shots of the day even though it is not a picture of my nephew Mathew who was playing and was my reason for shooting the game.



But I might get into trouble with my little Sister if I don’t show her little 6’5″ boy as well:

Mathew trying to avoid being tackled

Mathew trying to avoid being tackled

After the game one of the players from the opposing team came up and asked if I had a website.  Since I was asked I figured I would post a pile of the outtakes here in case someone wishes to have a copy. My usual rules of copyright etiquette apply here.

Here is the album:   Rugby Photo Album

Please leave a comment or email [email protected] if you wish to get the full resolution image.  The full resolution images won’t have the clear text watermark.  It will mostly likely be free unless you are planning on making a load of money with it.

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  1. Anne

    Your sister does appreciate you showing her little boy. Thanks for coming to the game and taking photos.

  2. Mike

    You are welcome. You know I always like to shoot sports. Keep me posted on the next game. It seams I’m defaulting to taking pictures of “still life” on most days for this photo-a-day blog and welcome the “moving life” of sports.

  3. 11/03/2010

    I loved the photo of my “little” nephew too. Thanks for posting it.

  4. Taini

    You captured the motion, the expressions.

  5. Mike

    Thanks! This was the first Rugby match I shot and it was fun experience for me as well. In many ways it is easier to shoot than American football as capturing the motion and expression was way easier when there is no helmet to get in the way of the face.