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19th February
written by Mike

Day 3 already.

Made it home from work when it was still light out and grabbed my trusty macro lens. The macro lens actually is an old lens that I inherited from my grandfather. Doing a bit of research on the lens found that my 90mm f2.5 Vivitar Series 1 lens was manufactured in 1977.    The 1978 edition of Modern Photography’s photo buying gave this lens got great marks. has the original write up on it.

I’ve used this lens on my Nikon F that I had back in high school, two different Nikons FE2 that I used throughout college and most recently on a Nikon N90s before its current use on my D70.  On the D70 the internal light meter does not work with this lens so I have to have to manually set it.

Anyway I have two photos tonight.  Both are from my yummy white peach tree in our side yard.  I wish I had thought to take  a basic photo showing the size of the tree and how small the actual peach blossoms are.  These photos are shown full frame with only minimal editing in a photo editor to just slightly enhance the color.  Really not necessary to do that.

Peach Bloosom

Peach Bloom

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