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22nd February
written by Mike

I have always been a dateline Washington type of  photographer.    That is to say I much rather shoot a sporting event or a news conference any day over something that stands still.   Therefore the hardest part of this photo-a-day blog has been finding inspiring subjects to shoot.  Today I was inspired.

I grabbed lunch at Del Taco.  In addition to  being between work and the post office I really like the staff at this Rocklin Del Taco. One of the crew members actually remembers what you ordered last time around and can ring you up with nothing more than asking if you want the usual or in my case if I want 3 or 4 of the 79¢ tacos.  It is really a remarkable ability and great customer service.

I happen to bring my camera into the restaurant to review some earlier shots for today’s photo.  I couldn’t help but notice an incredible mother and her child.  You can always spot the great mothers since they have an amazing ability to interact with their child.   I got brave and asked if I could shoot a few photos.   I have not shot for newspapers in a long while and  am out of practice doing this.  Also my dorky photo-a-day experiment is hardly an attention grabbing press outlet.  Amanda (the mother) was very gracious and Kathy (I hope I got it right) was all ham.

Mom and Daughter Outing

Mom and Daughter Outing

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