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26th February
written by Mike


One of the things in life I dislike is wind.   This probably comes  from growing up in the desert where the wind would blow non-stop for weeks at a time. I’ll take 110 degree heat any day over a windy day.

Didn’t spend much time trying to find something interesting to shoot today and I’m afraid this photo of a flag waving in the breeze shows it.  I do have a fondness for shooting flags  that stems from the number of photos I’ve  had published of flags.  This specific flag is actually a large flag and having it fully extended and flapping in the wind would show how strong the breeze was if I had managed to show some reference.

The other thing that caught my eye was the McDonald’s Corp flag.  I’m sure I’ve seen flags like this before but  it is a clever way to get around the City ordnance of banning tall street signs.  The McDonald’s flag is actually not small but just looks small below the large patriotic American Flag.   Here is the link to the Google map street view of the flag pole.

American and Mc Donald's Flags in the wind

American and Mc Donald's Flags in the wind

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