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18th February
written by Mike
Bee enjoying a Rosary Plant

Bee enjoying a rosemary plant

Managed to escape from work around 2 ish and went for an expensive lunch as Sam’s club.  (With tax it came to $1.62.)

Anyway in the parking lot right next to where I parked was a rosemary plant that looked like it had a bit of color in it.  I lucked out in that it also had a single Bee busy collecting pollen.  Before  it flew off I managed to get this shot.  Really need to double click on the image and view it full screen to see the bee.  I thought about cropping it from the original but kinda like the “large” plant and the small bee.

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17th February
written by Mike

Trying an experiment here.  In the very old days rarely did I go a day without taking a picture.  So for next few weeks I will try to take a single photo every day and eventually post it.

No real rules to this.  Just snap a photo a day.  Subject doens’t matter.  Quality doesn’t matter.   I’ll make somewhat of an attempt to update to post it within a few days of taking it.

So day 1 photo comes from a green area we have near our house.  It is actually a fairly large pond that you would not know is there unless you happen to have somehow noticed it.   To get there only requires to small hop over a 4 foot fence.  The Canadian geese were not very happy to see me.  Not the best goose photo I’ve ever taken, but nonetheless here it is:

Ducks in the pond

Two geese preening